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Outgoing Christmas Schwag Part 4: I am so done with this shit


I. Am. So. Done. With. This. Shit. I’m tired. My hands ache. My feets ache. I think some people are appreciative and some people are not. Here is one person who is adorably appreciative of the very last and very last minute hat of the season:

A.K.A. Little Robin Lou Who

“I’m beginning to feel far away and visionary.” Bonus if you know what movie that line’s from.



How happy? So happy I’m going to fly away!

Knit Picks Felici (color discontinued?) held double, 5k, 5p in the round, no decreases, 3 needle bind off and pom poms. Still took forever, but at least was done by Christmas.

I’m ready for Christmas to be over, and for 2010 to be flushed down the crapper. I’m tired. TI-ERRRRRD.

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