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Not finished, part 4


You didn’t think I was finished with being not finished, did you? I finished Robin’s room about as much as it’s going to get done. The lavender-ish walls took two coats and the darker fuschia-y wall took four coats. And it’s still not even. I can see. Maybe you can’t, but I can. It’s a good thing I don’t care. I’ve been so totally exhausted that I just couldn’t bear to do one more thing. Uneven edging? Forget it. Smudge the trim? Fuck that. I’ll fix those things when Robin asks me to.

The room isn’t dusty, it’s just full of ghosts.

Hiding. I am not the baby you are looking for.


Underwear quilt serving as color inspiration? Sure, why not.

Jenny suggested, in a roundabout way, to make a flip book of the kids. I almost have that in the following series of pictures I’d like to call “Escape”:






Where is she going, you may ask? To where all the fun is, of course!



I’m a lucky gal.

One thought on “Not finished, part 4

  1. chukichi Post author

    Hahah! That *is* a regal crib and we got it when we had some money, LOL! That was Josh’s crib and I think we paid a pretty penny for it but it’s all wood and heavy as shit. But you know me, I’m a smart shopper–that crib was used for Josh and now for Robin AND will be a day bed for her (won’t have to buy a new toddler bed) and can also be used as a headboard and footboard for a full sized bed. Josh will have that one; I got some free furniture from by boss that will be for Robin when she’s big enough.

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