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Photo Hump!


In honor of Hump Day, we’ve secretly replaced the photo dump with a photo hump. Let’s see what happens…

Apparently nothing. Anyway:


1. It’s important for my boss to have personalized, handwritten cards for her clients. That’s what she pays me for. It reminds me of the scene in Mommie Dearest (scariest movie ever!) where the little girl is kissing her mom’s head shots. Every body helps!


2. Happy Cup is Happy!


3. One day, I’ll become an adult and fuel up in a timely manner. For a few years now, I’ve been unbelievably slack on the gas. Strangely, I do this almost every time. I often have to put gas in my car from the gas tank in my garage that we use for the lawnmower. This is a SUPER FAIL.


4. Library has books! Yayaayayay! At one point they were going to eliminate books from most of the libraries in my county and turn them into computer labs. You could still browse online and reserve books to pick up at your branch, but that sucks. I’m a real life browser. I do the online thing, too, but I like to hang out at the library, too.


5. I didn’t even know he was running! It’s an actual person, not like, THE Jesus Christ. I wish I had some time and money because “Satan for Senate” signs would be the best use of those two things.

Until next time, America!

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