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Ice Cream Baby Head


Hey look, knitting content!

One of my best and favorite friends is due with her very eagerly anticipated first child in December. Naturally, something had to be made to celebrate the occasion and she chose hats, which is awesome because I felt that I might be able to get something done between The Very Hot Summer and Christmastime. Behold, little girly hat:


It’s Cascade 220 wool in this Ravelry pattern modified with a ruffled edge. Mmm…Ruffles… Here’s a bit more detail, but not much, because I’m lazy:


You may have noticed my model is not emoting much. I didn’t have an infant (this hat is specifically made for people who are new) so I used a balloon. Close enough. The balloon has a 14″ circumference. The cup is, well, just a cup.

I’ve mentioned my issue with Neopolitan ice cream before, so it needs not be mentioned again. At least not after mentioning that I mentioned it before. Anyway, I decided to make an extra hat for next year while I was motivated to do something other than nothing:


They live in the freaking North. Gets cold up there. The hat is a favorite of mine, Thorpe. This is the third one I’ve made; I Love This Yarn! cotton held double. Very simple and very cute. My regular model wasn’t home, and then when she did come home she was all gross from oranges so I used my new, less interesting model. The balloon was inflated to a 16″ circumference but can probably fit a little bigger. I’m particularly happy with this:


This is one serious ice cream hat. I decided to leave off the braids; I’m not crazy about them for infant hats. It’s just a choking hazard/snag hazard/gross-quit-chewing-on-that hazard. I’ve made it with them before and disliked it in afterthought. I’ll try to get my regular model to do a shoot with this hat. Models can be so difficult to work with.

I need to build up my baby stash. People keep having sex.

One thought on “Ice Cream Baby Head

  1. mrsfisch

    YAY, YAY, YAY!!!! These are adorable! You are also one of MY very best and favorite friends (and not just because of the adorable hats)…
    You’re the BEST!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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