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Not finished, part 3


We have 4 bedrooms in our home; master bedroom, attic room (where the drop down attic stairs are), guest room (green room) and Josh’s room. The green room has a queen bed in it (hence, guest room) and also all of my crafty things and whatever else we throw in there. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that when Robin was born, she should have the attic room, which was mostly empty. But she couldn’t have it until we had the attic entry re-insulated and re-trimmed and we had the pest control company do a full exclusion for the attic line ($1200, ouch). And all this was to be done before she arrived.

Me. On a ladder. Doing work above my head. Yeaaahhhh.

So anyway, fast forward to August 2010. It’s decided that I had lost my mind and Robin should instead have the green room so that her room and Josh’s room will be of equal size. But we’d have to paint it because she’s a girl and she doesn’t need a green room, right?

Fast forward to September 2010. Why are we going to paint a room when the paint is perfectly fine? Except for the hole in the wall from the door knob. Other than that, it’s fine. So the big awesome plan is: Move the guest room to the attic room. Josh into the guest room. Robin into Josh’s room. That’s less work, right? Right? Are you keeping track of this?

So here’s the new guest room, formerly the attic room:




The bed fits and my sewing table fits and I’ll cram everything else in there, too. Sadly, it needs to be painted, but I won’t think about that today. Maybe way later. On the upside, I have the paint already. We have a lot of paint in our house…

So the guest room is now Josh’s room:



The room was green and I had to paint some of it blue. Why you ask? Other than the fact that it looks so awesome now? Because of this:


Still not done. The day I painted, I had to patch the hole and wait for that to dry, which it never did. Then I was going to finish the patch job (sand prime, etc) the next day but Josh was being a monster and as part of his punishment, I wasn’t going to finish his room until he was being good. I will surely have it done this weekend, too. Thankfully, not much is left. I’m also getting him some beanbags for his room in green, blue and yellow. He’ll have the best room in the house!

Once I have some unfinished pictures of Robin’s room, I’ll post those ;)

2 thoughts on “Not finished, part 3

  1. jenny79123

    I totally followed all that, a fine solution! and Josh’s room looks awesome. I’m not sure what you’re referring to about punishing Josh, bc he’s a angel and can do no wrong, but its kind’ve cool that procrastinating work for you can double as a punishment here. a win/win:)

    1. chukichi Post author

      Re: lol
      I still haven’t finished his room. Tsk, tsk. I have *SO* much to do still: Robin’s room needs to be painted, Josh’s room needs to be finished and let’s not forget Halloween costumes… ACK!

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