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Not finished, part 1


I’ve been working on some blankets for The Princess but of course nothing is done. You’d think I had to do other things, like work.

But not today. I’m “working from home” but there’s not that much work to do. Also, I’m having a plumber come out because we’re just so lucky. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Anyway, I started this a long time ago (actually, I guess before I knew what it was going to be) and decided that this is probably as big as the quilt top is going to be (not including the border:



Hand sewn. Like, needle and thread. By candlelight.

I think I can actually have this done sometime this weekend. It’s not as big as Josh’s quilt but I’ve rationalized it out that she’s not as big as he is. It’s still a decent size.

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