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Foods and Such, Part 4: Pocky Edition


Like I was going to not talk about Pocky:


Okay, but seriously. In addition to the standard awesome red box Pocky and oldest “new” flavor Strawberry Pocky, I got three new kinds: Milk Coffee, Caramel Milk and Gokuboso Pocky.

Milk Coffee Pocky was totally freaking awesome. It’s got a wonderfully strong coffee smell and is sweet and creamy without being overly so. This is going in some Christmas stockings this year for sure.

Caramel Milk Pocky was great but fairly basic. Imagine a caramel flavored Pocky instead of a chocolate one and you’ve got it. It’s on par with the strawberry Pocky in terms of flavor.

Gokuboso Pocky is just regular Pocky except thinner and more expensive. Sounds like a second wife ;)

Not pictured: Men’s Pocky, which is the delicious dark chocolate flavor and the Almond-y Crunch Pocky which I have not yet had. I’m not so Pocky crazy that I’ll order it online, but I’ll sit and hope that Super H-Mart gets some new flavors. :D

2 thoughts on “Foods and Such, Part 4: Pocky Edition

  1. bazoo42

    Men’s Pocky and Almond covered Pocky are totally the best! I would still like to try the caramel, but I have no love for the strawberry or desire to try the coffee.

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