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Foods and Such, Part 3


yurmy snax:


Sour Melon Powerade!

The shrimpy things are similar to a pork rind (chicharrones!) but made from shrimp. These come in a handy dandy snack bag but you can buy them in a box to fry up at home. I should have gotten those because they taste better than the pre-packaged ones. Also, the ones in the box come in colors (pink, green, yellow and white!) and look like clear plastic shrinky dinks before you throw them in the fryer. On a side note, my boss loves these because we can get them at the Thai place. I don’t know if she really knows what it is.

The Sour Melon Powerade was interesting. I can’t find it in regular markets so that was really the only reason I bought it. It’s not sour, but it is a melon flavor. At first I thought I liked it, but the more I drank, the more I felt like I was drinking Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon line. I gave up on it and poured it out. :( Fail.

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