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Foods and Such, Part 2


Okay, on to the H-Mart goodies! It’s no secret that I’m azn, and a terrible one at that. It seems like it, anyway. There’s a lot of pressure to live up to a culture or a stereotype! Anyway, here’s what I got:



Tea and Juice!

Sour Mustard!

The curry is what we always used to get in our household, though I only saw “yellow” curry instead of “masaman” curry. I wonder if there’s a difference? Lychee is a standard fruit that I must get when I go to any international marketplace. There’s a law, I’m sure you can look it up. The chrysanthemum tea and the lychee juice are FANFUCKINGTASTIC though totally chock full of sugar and pretty bad for you (therefore, totally awesome). The sour mustard I actually have not cooked with before but I’m pretty sure I’ve had it many times. I need to get some pork (or beef?) and make some soup. It’s weird to make childhood favorites by memory alone. I guess I’ll just have to cook and cook and cook!

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