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Fun at Work


It’s Friday, as if I needed another reason to slack off. I’m a bit sad; my babysitter is going back to school today. I’m still going to use her Mom for babysitting, but she was great and tried really hard. *sigh* Oh well.

Work has been hectic, but there’s always time to poke some fun:

Screamy fireplace is screamy!

Say it with me: neutral. Nooo-trawwwwwl.

Repeat. Nooo-trawwwwwwl.

Mardi Gras all year round, or perhaps, a faded LA Lakers fan?

To be fair, this room was in the same house as Barbie’s death room:


2 thoughts on “Fun at Work

  1. bazoo42

    I wonder what kind of kick ass furniture they had in the pirate room? Also, I’m wondering if they owned a vacuum. Why couldn’t they bother to clean the floor before taking the pictures??

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