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Shit I am so impatient. I’ve been dying to talk about my most recent project but it was a gift so I had to keep it under wraps in case I flaked out. I know that sounds bad, but making things for people puts a lot of pressure on you to, oh, I don’t know, actually finish it. So instead, I ignored everyone for the past two weeks and knocked out a nice little pair of socks:

progress and whole wheat: both delicious

Finished close up

Actually done and fit. No swatch, but I did follow gauge. Go me.

You can turn the sock the other way, too. Lookiethat.

The pattern is Sugar Maple from the awesome book 2-at-a-time Socks FYI for mrsenglund07, I learned how to do one sock at a time on dpns and hated it. Felt inefficient and I’m too lazy to count and keep track of things more than I have to. Two at a time just seemed the easier way to do it.

Also, my mannequin leg’s name is Lorraine, after Marty McFly’s mom from Back to the Future:


It just seemed appropriate.

Happy (belated) birthday to my best friend Molly! I love you and miss you!

3 thoughts on “FINALLY

  1. bazoo42

    They’re so comfy and awesome and not at all hot like I would have thought! I only wish my legs looked like your mannequin leg.
    Speaking of Marty McFly, he (Crispin Glover) is in “Hot Tub Time Machine,” the latest movie by John Cusak! Just watched it and it’s funnier than you would think!

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