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Happy Belated Birthday to me, Part 1


It wasn’t a perfect birthday (surprise!) but I did have a few nice things…that I did for myself. One fun thing was CUPCAKES. And Josh helped! I wish I had the camera out for when we were cracking eggs; he did a great job. Not a great job for a 3 year old, but a great job. Period. He also helped me decorate:



He looks bored, but he’s not. He was REALLY excited. Like, overly so, in the way that only a 3 year old can. He also really REALLY enjoyed eating them, as you will NOT see illustrated in the following picture:


They came out super pretty; I made a ton and threw a bunch away. I made Funfetti and Strawberry cake. I never planned to eat two boxes of cake for my birthday, but I wanted to make cakes with Josh. It was really fun and one of the highlights of my birthday!


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