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My camera on my Blackberry has been broken for about a week now and I’ve been terribly distressed. There are mornings where I think I’m going to grab my regular camera and then think, naaaaaah, I won’t need it. Here is a list of things I have seen this week and not documented:

– a bounce house (moon walk) that was carefully set next to a field of jagged rocks
– a woman in jelly shoes with two different colored socks
– a van with personalized license plates that said “BRAINS”
– a woman walking down the street that looked like she was pregnant in her back. It looked like she was pregnant in her back. Her back. Her back had a protrusion that made it look like she was pregnant. In her back. I cannot express this enough. Her back. Baaaaack.

I need a new phone. Badly.

No, Molly, I do not want an iPhone.

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