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I can’t keep track of anything anymore, but since you care so much, the deck is done. I don’t really have any pictures of it though, because I’m lame. Photoblog my ass. I do have some pictures that have the new deck in the background, so that’s good. It proves that we do have a new deck, though honestly I’m disappointed in it. There are so many imperfections and flaws that it makes me crazy. Not like, minor OCD imperfections, but big things that I don’t think would be there if I had just been a bigger bitch about stuff. I will overlook all of that though, because we can use the deck and we’re having a really great time:



So serious….


We have been spending as much time as possible on the deck, mostly when it’s not sweltering hot. 4th of July weekend was great–practically no humidity. I didn’t take any pictures of the food, mostly because we scarfed it down so fast. Standard grill foods: hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken. Also had baked potatoes, chips, salad and baked beans. Not all at once, we’re not pigs. Well, we didn’t eat it all at once, anyway.

No fireworks for us this year, but pinwheels work just as well:



Sometimes, I think we are actually a typical American family. Go fig.

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