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I am really moody as of late and I suspect it has to do with the fact that my birthday is coming up. I have really shitty birthdays. So I’m feeling all whoo-who about this one, let me tell you. So having said that, let’s fucking blog about some fucking shit.

1. Not for sale: This picture was included in the photos for a 900K home for sale. I guess carrying a high ticket listing doesn’t make you less retarded.

2. Pervert: Another real estate listing picture. I assume this is the bathroom next to the voyeur’s bedroom?

3. Thank you!: To Office Depot for throwing in some free shwag for me for stuff I bought with someone else’s money!

4. Lies: Saw this car on I-75 on Father’s Day weekend:

Upon closer inspection:

5. Knitted beard: What else should I say here other than “knitted beard”??

6. Pervert: I am a pervert. I wish I had taken a better picture, but this was at the pharmacy counter and I didn’t want to look like the pervert I am.

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