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Photo Dump, Sunday Edition


There isn’t anything different about this photo dump other than I’m doing it on a Sunday, though the phrase “Sunday Edition” makes it seem like there should be more to it, like the Sunday paper. But first, a mini-rant:

My daycare just fired my most favorite teacher for what I feel are totally spurious reasons. It stresses me out. Also, other people are stressing me out. And yet it’s still against the law for me to cause them physical and bodily harm. What an unfair world.

On an unrelated plus side, I think I’ll live with SGKK Fansubs’ version of Bleach. I’m sad for Dattebayo, though. I miss them. I feel like my boyfriend just had to move across the country and I will probably never see him again. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m way not in the mood to blog, so I will leave you with only one picture:


What the fuck is going on in this picture? I am very confused. This is the image on the main page for The Forum which is a shopping center in Norcross, GA. I love it there and it has some very nice, higher end stores and is fantastic in the Fall and around Christmas time when you can bear to walk from store to store. These people look very over dramatic. Are the letters going to fall on this (most likely) too-rich-for-her-own-good lady? Is the man daydreaming about pushing her over the edge of the chaise? Did she go to the Jon Lovitz school of ACTING!?

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