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A dream is but a dream.


I had some awesome dreams last night. The second dream was cool but I don’t remember much of it other than I was trying to get to work and I was on a motorcycle. There was this thing running through the trees above me and it jumped down on me–it was a little girl and kept trying to knock her off. She’d jump straight up into the trees again and kind of torment me; sometimes she’d ride a bicycle and keep pace with me. Eventually we got to my office and she came in and my vampire hunter (yes, in this dream I had my own personal vampire hunter thankyouverymuch) and he told me to kill it even though everyone else was like “oh it’s a little girl” boo hoo. I ended up stabbing her in the neck with an ink pen and I assume the vampire hunter finished her off as we all know that a pen in the neck does not kill a vampire. I blame this dream on watching Underworld right before bed.

The first dream was much more elaborate and stranger. Yes, stranger than stabbing a little girl vampire in the neck. For me, that’s probably what you’d call an “average” dream. Anyway, I was college and lived in an off campus coed house. It was filled with a lot of people I knew from my current life and from high school, but we were all freshmen. There were a lot of rooms in the house and it was on top of a hill overlooking a lake. Everyone shared rooms and beds but it wasn’t in a sexual way. There were multiple beds in the living room and I shared a bed with two male friends. Stop being pervy. ANYWAY, someone threw my tennis shoes down the hill to the waters edge. The only other shoes I had were high heeled sandals so I had to get my tennis shoes back. People were on the shore and even waist deep in the water fishing and I was trying to maneuver my way down to the shore through the mud. My shoes ended up in the rocks by the waters edge and very close to the art building. The only reason I went through the mud and over rocks was becuase I didn’t want to have to walk all the way over to the art building and go around it. By the time I found my shoes, I was kind of mad because they were really close to the art building and I saved no time at all. I decided to go back home through the art building rather than go back through the mud so I started navigating the various floors through the building. Each floor had different classrooms and galleries and some were having large scale presentations. One floor had a high level presentation going on and a cocktail meet and greet after; suddenly I realized that I was missing my underwear. As I was trying to escape, I got cornered and ended up telling my story to a group of people who seemed to think it was hilarious. The next thing I know, a roommate from my house shows up and he had lost his underwear too, so we sneaked on the art bus to look for them. The art people boarded the bus for a field trip so we were suddenly stowaways. All of the art people were really cool and some were pretty gothy so my roommate and I stood out quite a bit. After being on the road for a while, the teacher said she felt that there were some extra people on the buss and in the very back three guys in shirts and ties suddenly stood up and started singing gospel music and playing guitars. Everyone groaned and laughed because they were Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to convert them. Other students discovered my roommate and me so I told the story again about what were doing. A really gothy girl said she found them and sold them for $20. The guy sitting next to her was Patrick Fugit and he said “best $20 I ever spent” and everyone laughed and laughed. I laughed too, and asked him if I even wanted them back and he was just being nice and gave me my underwear.

Theft by receiving stolen goods

You might not know who Patrick Fugit is, but he was in Almost Famous, White Oleander, Saved! and my favorite, Wristcutters: A Love Story:


He’s cute in a very unconventional way and I like him but he’s not really boyfriend material (for me, anyway). He’s younger than I am and not quite 6ft tall. Tsk, tsk. He could probably win me over, but he’s too shy to try:


EDIT: I was just on Facebook and I saw this ad for Gucci and thought it was underwear:


I got undies on the brain!

2 thoughts on “A dream is but a dream.

  1. Anonymous

    Codence says
    I had a bizarre two-part dream last night. This is what I remember the most…me, Paul Beachum and the guy that plays Finn on Glee were preparing for Paul’s birthday party. Paul’s mom was griping at us for not having enough towels. The interesting/offensive part was the fact that we called Finn “Syndrome” because he had down syndrome, but somehow got over it.

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