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Euphemisms for Breasts


Owls and pillows, to be exact. Though, if there is only one of each that might be weird. Anyway…

I found this perfect princess pillow at Target this week! I love it and it will totally match Robin’s room, if I ever get it finished. The pillow was on clearance so of course I had to have it. The floral side is silky and the other side is velvety and it’s super awesome:


Also, I found a small rug to go in her room which will also match. I love the pillow the most, though. And I love that it’s got some green in it; I can eventually steal the chair out of Josh’s room and put it in her room. If he’ll let me:


In other awesome news, I finished something! Kind of. It still needs to be washed, blocked and framed, but done is done enough for me:


I love it love it love it! Even though it’s an owl, I love it. It’s great and graphic and I can’t wait to use this pattern again for something else. Here a close up:


The witch is next but truthfully, I don’t think it’s as cool as the owl. There’s no way I’m NOT doing a witch though.

2 thoughts on “Euphemisms for Breasts

    1. chukichi Post author

      Re: I have no idea
      Have you never heard them referred to as “pillows” or “dirty pillows”? The dirty pillows I remember specifically from the movie Carrie. And of course, the owl is a hooter. :D

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