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ChÜberlist: 2010–end of May Update


Ugh. That’s how I feel. We are in June now, almost half over with the year. I need to get my ass in gear. Maybe I should stay home from work for the next three months. That sounds mature and practical. So here’s what’s up (crossed off ones are done, italics are in progress):

1. Knit 6 more scarves to complete my scarf a day collection. – 4 to go
2. Make a new hat for Josh by 1/31.
3. 30% of miter square blanket done by year end. – I am not at 30% yet but I’m feeling pretty good.
5. Knit a new hat for the Mr.
7. Knit a hat for myself.
8. Knit three hats of various sizes for Robin. – 2 to go
9. Knit a new baby blanket for Robin.- 30% done.
10. Knit a blanket for Josh. 20% done
13. Knit some hand/arm warmers for me. – 1 out of 2
25. Halloween cross stitch patterns (owl and witch) to be done by October 1.-owl is almost done, then the witch will go on the bars shortly. I am hoping to be done with owly by this weekend!
30. Create some sort of practical yarn and craft storage.
32. Enforce a bedtime of 11 PM on work nights.- I am still staying up too late on some nights because I’m a little kid.
38. Keep going to a salon instead of those butchers at Great Clips. – I need a haircut. Still not going to great clips, though.
40. Work with Josh at least one night a week on his Spanish.
46. Never use the word potty when my son is not around.
47. Stop cussing in front of my kids. All of the bad words, not just the big fat F word. OMGIMTRYINGMYFUCKINGHARDEST!
48. Put as much energy and effort into my marriage as I do my parenting.
49. Take the family to the aquarium.
58. Reset the mailbox in cement.- I got the cement, so I started, right?
60. Develop a debt reduction system and stick to it.-Well, we’re sticking to it, at least.
74. Finish remodeling baby’s room by 3/31.- It’s started…when it will get done is anyone’s guess
89. Make 1 Asian style meal per month.
90. Perfect the master bread recipe in Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.
93. Have 5 homemade meals in the freezer at all times.
102. Write out and standardize 10 recipes for the family cookbook.- I have 3 so far. I will easily have 10 by year end.
105. Introduce Josh to 10 new foods this year.- fish has been the biggest thing so far. 10 is pretty ambitious, but we’ll see.

I have been distracted all year by sewing projects, gifts for other people, and just life in general. I think I’ve been doing okay though. At least it shows I have other things going on. Or it shows that I’m really lazy. Whatever.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming amount of things I have not done are staring me in the face:

4. Knit socks for the Mr.
6. Knit socks for myself.
11. Knit Josh a sweater vest.
12. Make one hex quilt this year of any size.
14. Make a straight knitting needle holder.
15. Make a circular knitting needle holder.
16. Knit two pairs of socks for Josh.
17. Knit two pairs of socks for Robin.
18. Knit 2 scarves for The Red Scarf Project 2010.
19. Learn continental knitting.
20. Learn how to make and applied I-cord edge.
21. Make two knitted toys for Josh
22. Make two knitted toys for Robin.
23. Knit 12 pairs of baby booties for gifting or charity.
24. For every type of ornament I craft for gifts this year I must make one for me.
26. Knit Robin a sweater or a dress.
27. Knit a pair of mittens.
28. Create an accurate inventory of my yarn stash and deplete it by 50% before buying any new yarn. Yarn gifted to me this year does not count against my 50%
29. Create an accurate inventory of my fabric stash.
31. Stick to a diet plan; goal weight is to weigh at or below my driver’s license weight.
33. Get fitted for a bra.
34. Plan out more art projects for Josh.
35. Begin journaling again.
36. Begin fiction and poetry writing again.
37. Have family portrait taken.
39. Learn to meditate for real instead of just falling asleep.
41. Explore holistic ways of stress reduction.
42. Get my tattoo. Seriously.
43. Develop a personal 5 year plan.
44. Develop a business 5 year plan.
50. Take the family to the zoo.
51. Go to the doctor when I need to go instead of waiting until I die.
52. Dress up for Halloween and pass out candy.
53. Carve a family of pumpkins for Halloween.
54. Cut myself some damn slack.
55. Organize, catalog and rip all of our CDs.
56. Catalog and organize all of our books.
57. Set a household chore schedule.
59. File bills and documents once a month.
61. Make a charitable donation to Child’s Play.
62. Keep up with kids photos once a month.
63. Create a Christmas ornament photo journal.
64. Keep an inventory of food and household goods so I know what to shop for without taking an hour to make a shopping list.
65. Scan and reproduce all of the old family photos.
66. Hang all framed art and photos by 1/31.
67. Have my car maintained on time, every time.
68. Replace shower door in master bath.
69. Learn how to back up my hard drive.
70. Learn how to archive and back up Outlook.
71. Rearrange furniture in home office.
72. Replace ceiling fan in master bedroom.
73. Paint master bedroom and bath.
75. Remodel laundry room.
76. Create a organized work schedule.
77. Review and update office procedures once a month.
78. Paint kitchen.
79. Repaint powder room.
80. Replace kitchen faucet.
81. Update kitchen cabinet hardware.
82. Replace door and frame for guest room and master bedroom.
83. Paint Josh’s room.
84. Have estimates for new kitchen counters.
85. Refurbish a lower kitchen cabinet to become a pull out trash can.
86. Price out new tile backsplash.
87. Perfect a pie crust.
88. Learn how to make a great apple pie, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.
91. Have a two week meal plan schedule.
92. Have one meatless dinner per week.
94. Incorporate slow cooker meals two times per month.
95. Add one new recipe each for beef, chicken and pork to put into rotation.
96. Learn how to cook one good lamb dish.
97. Make a crown roast.
98. Cook fresh fish two times per month.
99. Perfect butter cream icing.
100. Perfect homemade ice cream.
101. Find a new cookie recipe and one candy recipe for Christmas gifting.
103. Have Josh help with dinner at least once a week.
104. Incorporate more avocados into our diet.

In other news, I cannot believe I didn’t steal this from the gas station:

Never be late for work again.

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