this thing is still about things

I did something


Not only did I do something, but I finished something.


Standard feather and fan pattern with a garter stitch border in Lion Brand wool ease. This blanket has been unfinished forEVER but I finally had a good reason to finish it. Babies can do that to you sometimes. This blanket is for the soon to be Sullivan, but let’s face it, most baby gifts are really for Mom (which is fine, really, because don’t Moms deserve something for being moms?) This is the same blanket that I made for Josh before he was born. Thankfully, I’ve graduated from using acrylic :D I wanted the Wool Ease because it’s warm and washable and readily available. I hate the idea of giving people baby gifts that can’t be used. Let’s face it, babies are gross, and what kind of new mom has time to hand wash anything?

In other news, I’m still not done with anything. Oh wait, that’s not news. Slackass.

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