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UFO Photo Dump, Part 3


Finally, I think this is it. At least all I’m going to show you for unfinished projects.

8.) Owl cross stitch: I generally dislike owls, specifically, this kind of scaryfuckingawful owl:

I can’t even look at this page anymore.

This particular owl is cool and graphic; I still need the moon in the background and some text but I would say it’s mostly done. And I might just use him for a knitting project down the road. There’s even a companion project that I haven’t started on, but will soon as I promised the Mr. that I would be done by Halloween:



9.) Santa cross stitch: I made this back when I made and gifted the other Santa ornaments but the Mr. was adamant that I keep this one. So I did. I just never finished it.


10.) Moderne log cabin blanket: This one is for Josh but it is a bitch to make. Miles and miles and miles of garter stitch. And I’m terrible at zoning out when knitting–I just can’t do it. I end up doing something totally wrong and stupid. This is one that will take forever because it’s going to be pretty big and pretty monotonous.

Just for fun, here is where most of my projects live:


You don’t expect the baby to sleep there, do you?

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