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UFO Photo Dump, Part 2


I’m already going to be late to work, so why not.


5.) Cabled Vest: I found this sad thing buried under a bunch of other projects. It’s for Josh, and the pattern is written on straights but I wanted to do it in the round. And then I thought I’d go back to straights. It’s been a bad idea all around, but I am NOT frogging it all the way. I’ll rip it back to a decent point and keep going. Thank god it’s the summer. It’s Lion Brand Cotton Ease, I think. Cottony blendy something.


6.) Miter square baby girl blanket: Yet another thing I found that I had forgotten about. This was going to be Robin’s blanket after I screwed up her other one. And then I got distracted by something shiny, no doubt. It’s pretty and I should really finish it. It’s I Love This Yarn! brand cotton from Hobby Lobby–super soft.


7.) Ripple Afghan: Since the Miter square baby blanket wasn’t working out, I decided to start another new project for Robin. These colors are pulled from her underwear quilt which I’ve decided to use in her room, too. Her room is also a project that has been started and not finished. Maybe she will get a room of her own when she’s a teenager. It’s going to be a lot of ends to weave in, as you can see:


Sadly, this is not all of my unfinished things. More to come later, I need to go to work to support my habit.

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