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UFO Photo Dump, Part 1


UFO = Unfinished Objects. Sorry Mulder, nothing for you to see here.

So many things have been started, yet nothing is done. I need to get a move on, you know? Some things need a little finishing, some things need a lot of finishing and somethings I’ve planned out as a multi-year project. Who plans out a multi-year knitting project? Me. I do. So here we go, in absolutely no order whatsoever:


1.) Robin’s quilt: I am not sure if the pink flowers go with this. I’ve already washed and cut the other pieces, the pink flowers were kind of an impulse buy. Not sure if it will get quilted with the rest. Not sure if I have enough to make a quilt anyway. Maybe I need to impulse buy something else?


2.) Houndstooth pattern scarf: I love the idea of a classic pattern and changing the colors to something unexpected. The yarn is Stitch Nation Yarn and it’s interesting. I like it. I like this pattern and I like the scarf and I hope it turns out well. If I finish it. Before the next ice age.


3.) Virginia Tech baby blanket: One of my friends is soon to discover the joy of a second baby. [Insert Edna Krabappel laugh here.] She’s a big VT fan and I had some colors that are as close to VT colors as I can get without getting up and going to buy new yarn. So obviously I am going to make a blanket for her. It’s going to be a baby sized miter square blanket with a somewhat different design for each square. I didn’t block this 4-square yet but I wanted to see how it looked. I should have blocked it. Why am I even showing this to you? Unsee what you have seen!!


4.) Miter Square Blanket: Speaking of miter squares, how many would it take to make a king sized blanket? A lot. I don’t have my numbers in front of me, but I think around 200. My goal is to have 30% made this year. I am not sure if that’s going to happen. It’s going to be awesome though. I. Am. Knitting. A. King. Sized. Blanket.

I’m sleepy now, so more to come later!

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