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Today at work, part 1


As you may know, I have a weird kind of job in real estate. I’m not an agent, which is good, because I really hate people. I do basically everything else though and it can be really hard to juggle what is basically three people’s jobs. I always have time to make fun of others and their lack of work ethic. I might not always love my job, but I still do a fucking good job at it. These are listing photos from actual houses that I researched today:

I don’t think the dog made that mess on the floor.

This room can fit not only a bed, but a bed with a multitude of messed up sheets and pillows!

I’m suddenly hungry for junk. Also, nice shot of the missing cabinet door.

Don’t people want to sell these houses? Isn’t that what we’re trying to do here?

This room is melting and Grandma and Grandpa don’t care.

I would call this dated, but there’s no moment in time when this ever looked good.


Do not buy this house. It’s totally haunted.

This is possibly one of my biggest pet peeves. Really? You could only take a picture of yourself taking the picture? Really? For the record, I’ve never taken a picture like this for work. It’s just stupid.


More to come.

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