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The Tudors


I love love love The Tudors. I’m so impressed with what HBO and Showtime have been up to in terms of their historical dramas. Rome has been my favorite so far–so much that I paid actual real money to own both seasons on DVD. In fact, I’m all a twitter for The Borgias coming out in 2011 and I’m super fan girl nerdy excited over HBO’s Game of Thrones!!!! EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Anyway, in this season of The Tudors, they have introduced Sir Francis Bryan (don’t you love how there’s a wiki for everything now?) and he’s all awesome with this eye patch:


However, from the moment I laid eyes on him (eye?) I knew he resembled someone else. Someone very different…

Photobucket vs. Photobucket

Sorry, Nick Verreos from Project Runway, you just couldn’t pull off the look.

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