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The devil you know


vs. the devil you don’t know.

We finally got some new neighbors and I’m quite wary. First, I saw some damn teenagers and since I’m like 92 years old, this threw up the red flag. Also, this:


and this:


They hung up some kind of paper blinds and then immediately knocked them all to hell. Stresses me out when everything is torn up. The fact that is sold for at the MOST ::::HALF::: of what I paid for my house doesn’t help either. Also, since the house was foreclosed and VACANT for something like a year, it started getting all crappy.


If you look carefully, they replaced some windows…but not with like kind windows. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be a snob, but working in real estate for so long has taught me so many things. Like you don’t have mismatched windows. On the front of your house.

Should have burned it down when I had the chance. Lesson learned.

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