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I feel really shitty and hungover today without the benefit of a good time last night. Being sick for WEEKS sucks. It’s like some small person is just clinging on to me and I can’t shake it off. Oh, and being sick on top of that.

That’s mean, I love my kids. But I. am. so. tired.

In other totally non related news, I found an unfinished object (ufo) lurking in my craft room. I started this YEARS ago for someone’s baby who is way grown now. Everyone seems to be pregnant again so maybe I’ll give it away if I finish it in time:

basic feather and fan pattern, Lion Brand Wool-Ease

I could keep it for Robin. But I would have to finish it first to decide. It’s a bluey-greeny color. I keep thinking it’s more one than the other and then I see it and decide it’s not. Does that make sense? Sure it does.

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