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I went to get breakfast at the McDonald’s near my office this morning and I saw something at My Favorite Place that made me almost wreck. I couldn’t go back until after work, but it was well worth the trip:

I saw him standing there…or at least propped up as he has no legs.

I wanted him! And the best thing was, he wasn’t ALONE:

Demure, downward cast eyes.

Look, Ma! No hands!

Alas they were out of my price range. They are metal mannequins and the paint was cracked and chipped but they were so cool and fun and SCARY. Oh my god they were scary. Probably not a good mix with yarn and knitted items, or with kids and cats or with the girl who still has nightmares about mannequins. So maybe not the best thing to purchase.

That sucks that I couldn’t get them. Boo. Oh well.

5 thoughts on “RATS!

    1. chukichi Post author

      The text pic I sent you was a picture of the camera that I took the picture with. If only you had a picture of you looking at your phone that had the picture of the camera that took the picture.

  1. jenny79123

    How much were they? Were they priced like someone was trying to get rid of them, or priced like they were antique-y
    and aside from the fact that the paint chipping off of them is probably filled w/ lead an u have 2 kids, i don’t understand why you didn’t purchase them spot!
    that guy in the top pic is uber creepy. i would probably bring that to work or leave it in my car, like all buckled in just to make ppl wonder.
    good find!

    1. chukichi Post author

      Re: ooh
      The guy was like $34 dollars. I don’t have any money to spend, so I had decided that I wouldn’t buy it if it was over $10. They had metal legs and stuff, too; pieces. I wanted them all but where would I put them? And also, what if they were haunted? That’s my biggest fear when buying objects from flea/thrift stores: they might be haunted.

      1. Anonymous

        Re: ooh
        there is so ‘what if’ they were haunted. they definitely were. especially the bald lady one.

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