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I hate the feeling of doing a TON of something (in this case, knitting) and having nothing to show for it. I’ve been mostly working on mitered squares and while it’s a mini accomplishment to get anything done, I wish I had more finished objects to show for it. I have one thing that’s half finished, as in one of a pair:

fingerless glove, front and back, Kureyon Silk Garden Lite

It took almost a whole skein of this beautiful yarn to get this thing. It would have been super smart if I had written down the number of stitches, or rows, or when I decided to do some short row shaping for my forearms… Yeah, that would have been super smart. Oh well, huh. I kind of just did whatever here and it worked out at least once.

thumb, th-thumb thumb

It was all done intuitively, as they like to say on ze blogs. But I would have said I winged it and got something that works. I need this for my office because it’s SO cold in the winter. Knit flat, couple short rows for shaping and an easy seam with a gap for a thumb. Surely I will be able to wing another one. (Famous last words).

Hi, Messy Den! Hi, vacuum cleaner!

Speaking of messy den, here is the rug that I got for free a few weeks couple months ago:

Dead body not included.

I might eventually take pictures of all the squares I’m working on. I plan to start scarf #3 in a baby blue and spring green wool houndstooth. If it’s as awesome as it is in my head, you’ll be floored.

2 thoughts on “Piddly

  1. bazoo42

    I LOVE that glove! Will you leave it to me in your will? And the rug too? They’re both uber awesome! And, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the other glove finished just in time for summer!

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