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I actually finished something! It’s been done for a while but I was sans camera for a bit:

Entrelac Scarf, Patons SWS

Up close!

I really love the jewel tones; I used two different colorways and I like how it turned out. Random without being totally bizarre.

I’m also working on two quilts: one for Josh’s birthday and one for Robin because I can’t make just one of anything anymore.

Guess what Josh’s favorite color is. Guess. You’ll never guess.

Some actual progress.

Robin’s colors because they’re awesome.

I have been sick as a dog lately and very spacey. I’ve been really all over the place with craft projects, work projects, and everything in general. I need to make some lists and get centered. I lost, then found and lost my Farmville schedule again. I’m having problems.

One thought on “FO

  1. bazoo42

    The scarf came out awesome! Me next! LOL. Btw, a woman at work said she’d pay you to make a dingle ball hat like you made me.
    The quilts are gonna rock. That’s the kind of thing they’ll appreciate later, if not now. Your kids are so lucky to have a Mom like you!!!

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