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Happy Anniversary to me!!


Today marks the 4th anniversary of my photo blog. Four years. 1461 days.


I was totally unprepared. There are no balloons, no cake, no punch & pie. Though, I did buy some nail polish today before I remembered it was my anniversary, so there’s that. Let’s celebrate!

So many!

My first picture blog post centered around food, which is not a surprise to anyone who knows me. Food is my most blogged about thing, at 72 entries. Knitting comes in a distant second with 59 entries. Zombies trail with only 6 entries which is actually pretty surprising.

So now on to the schwag! The trend is to have a contest of some sort and give away a prize of some sort on blog anniversaries (blogiversary, if you will, but I hate that word). Easiest contest ever: leave a comment on this entry. Be sure to sign into LJ (Molly) or leave some identifier so I know it’s you. I know, try not to screw it up. I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner. Prize will include a gift card to Starbucks and whatever random thing I can find in my house. Contest open until Monday 2/22/10 at midnight because I’m out of town this weekend.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for FOUR YEARS. Yay me!

11 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me!!

  1. Anonymous

    From your admirer and friend, Veronica
    Just remember that I am the one that got you off your lazy rump (Yeah, like having 2 kids is an excuse for anything!) to blog again! You might have even missed your blogiversary if I hadn’t commented about missing your blogs! =) I think very highly of myself and, well, obviously YOUR BLOG! It truly does brighten my day when I check your site and notice that something new has been posted! I even send the link to James so when things are especially funny, zany, off-the-wall, nerdy or just plain hysterical! I LOVE YOU, CHU! (#3 is a very good number…)

    1. chukichi Post author

      LOL good luck trying to get the “how not to suck at life” lesson from me; I’m a mess. One of my random prizes is pretty awesome and actually cost me $18 when I got it forever ago. I think anyone would look at it and say “yep. that’s pretty random”.

  2. Anonymous

    I particularly enjoyed the list of things you hope to accomplish in 2010 (even if it was, as you indicated, mostly a repeat of your 2009 list). I started a blog and gave up after 6 months of only making 2 entries. I think I’d much rather read yours….
    Crystal M.

  3. bazoo42

    Hey, I almost always log in!
    Wow, 4 years! In some ways it doesn’t seem like you’ve been away for double that time. And in other ways it seems like a lifetime. I still check your blog everyday, even if you don’t update in over a month LOL.I gots to have my Chu fix. I was listening to the radio the other day and U2 was singing about you again, “With or Without Chu.” Mindi’s wedding was nice. I wore grown up shoes. Sometimes I feel like I’m just rambling. Do you think I ramble. Nah, I don’t think you do. Remen. ttyl! KIKYOYSHAZ

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