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Phat Newz


Or is that fat news? Surely you’ve heard about the Kevin Smith VS. Southwestern Airlines issue. How fat is this guy now?

Who wants doughnuts?

I heard that he could put the arm rest down and buckle his seatbelt (with no extender) so what was going on there? He knows he’s fat. You and I know he’s fat. But is he like, Peter Griffin no bones fat?

Pictured: Safety Risk

If he was such a risk, then why put him on the plane last (standby) when they only had one seat left? And let him sit down, get buckled in and then remove him in front of all those people? I would be so humiliated, but then again, I don’t buy two seats when I fly.

2 thoughts on “Phat Newz

  1. bazoo42

    I feel for the guy. Yes, he knows he’s fat. That’s why he bought two tickets for his original size. They are the ones that allowed him to board standby, as you mentioned. Perhaps they just didn’t know who he was, or what size of audience he has.

    1. chukichi Post author

      Yeah, but who cares “who” he is. I wonder if the person next to him complained or something? And if there really was a fatter guy on the plane. I get it–if you’re too fat, buy an extra ticket for the sole fact that you take up more than one space. But it’s SWA that allowed him on the plane with one seat. They could see him (can’t miss him *snicker*) and they should have made the decision to let him on/not let him on in a more discreet manor.

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