this thing is still about things

Holy Shit


So I just realized that I have posted NOTHING about my newest bundle of joy. I can’t believe it.

So, 4 months late:

Robin Lenore
8lbs, 4oz and 19.5 inches

She’s so freaking awesome I can’t describe. And her older brother has been in love with her since before she was born:


What I can describe is the non awesomeness of ear infections and stomach bugs and the pukes and the shits. And let’s be specific. It was on me. And then I died. Didn’t we learn our lesson the last time? I really wanted to have a baby so that we could dress her up for Halloween:

So is Josh supposed to be Hitsugaya? And who the hell am I supposed to be? I vote Hollow.

So fast forward 4 months later:


In all seriousness, I’m really freaking happy.

And so tired.

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