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ChÜberlist: 2010–January Update, part 2


5. Knit a new hat for the Mr.

I absolutely had to make a hat for the Mr. My previous attempt was laughable. Laughable if you were me, disappointing if you were the recipient. So I made a new hat that actually fits and is good and serves the purpose of being worn on the head. Fantastic!

Not sure if the baby likes it, though. Cascade 220, 3×2 rib.

13. Knit some hand/arm warmers for me.
Working on it, anyway:

Gratuitous baby shot. Noro Silk Garden, garter stitch.

9. Knit a new baby blanket for Robin.
In progress, to replace the crocheted one that totally fell apart because I’m often made of fail.

3 of 16 miter squares. I’ll finish it in applied I-cord (20. Learn how to make an applied I-cord edge.) I love this yarn! in cotton, Mason-Dixon Knitting’s pattern

1. Knit 6 more scarves to complete my scarf a day collection.
In progress. This entrelac scarf has been giving me the fits. I ended up losing 3 (OMG THREE!) skeins of Patons SWS. The darker colors (blues) were going to be filler for the center and the warmer colors for the ends. And now I can’t find the warmer colors. So I got a new ball and it’s a different lot number and it looks more vibrant than what I already had. So what the fuck ever.

It also may be delicious. Patons SWS, basic entrelac

Even more to come. I told you I have been busy!

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