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ChÜberlist: 2009–Big Ugly Review Part 2



And now, the embarrassingly short portion of this review: The things I got done!!!

1.Take vitamins and calcium supplements daily. (+1)
2. Invest in a Sonic Care toothbrush. (+1)
3. Drink at least one glass of water when I wake up, at dinner and when I go to bed. (+1)
4. Use a calendar to stay on a strict skin regiment. (+1)
6. See endocrinologist by 04/01. (+1)
9. Keep hand lotion where I actually need it. (+1)
10. Schedule 30 minutes of real exercise into my morning before work. (+1) I gave myself this one–being pregnant and working and wrangling a 2 year old counts as exercise. So there.
11. Stop using the word douchebag as a descriptive object. Ex.: He is a total douchebag. (+1)
13. Eat more ginger. (+1) I had really bad morning sickness. I think I brought it on myself by making this part of my list.
15. Make and freeze cookie dough. (+1/2)
16. Be brave and go to a dentist. (+1)
21. Get pregnant before the end of the year. (+10) I should really get more than 10 points for this. Like, 189 points maybe. But then that really throws off the numbers.
23. Decorate house for Christmas during Thanksgiving weekend (both trees) and take down decorations by New Year’s Day. (+2) This is really two things, so therefore, 2 points.
26. Spend 10 minutes a night doing a clean sweep. (+1)
38. Have new garage door opener installed or find a 20 year old replacement remote. (+1)
45. Remove all plants from around deck. (+1)
62. Move computer back into downstairs office. (+1)
64. Move sewing table to den guest/craft room. (+1)
70. Incorporate a better coupon tracking system. (+1)
71. Cook at least three nights a week. (+1)
73. Start shopping at Aldi’s. (+1) I started…and realized that Aldi’s is gross and depressing. I tried and I did “start” so I give this one to me, too.
74. Plan meals so food doesn’t spoil/expire/get wasted. (+1)
77. Organize saved photos. (+1)
78. Update Josh’s photo albums. (+1)
82. Knit three pairs of socks. (+1)
84. Knit a pirate themed item. (+1) I didn’t finish it, but no where here did it say it had to be finished. Or close to being finished.
89. 25% of underwear quilt done. (+4) I got the WHOLE thing done, so yay me!
91. Knit Josh at least 3 hats. (+1/2) He got two hats so that’s not bad.
96. Finish cross stitch Christmas ornaments. (+1)
97. Finish felted stockings. (+1/2) I did Robin’s but not Josh’s. He already had a stocking so I didn’t feel the pressure. I do feel the guilt, though.
104. Knit at least 2 baby blankets. (+1)
105. Buy a new couch for the living room. (+1)
107. Have entire house reorganized for full house living by the end of August. (+1)
109. Do not spend any Hatchlings shells from July 1 – August 1. (+1)
110. Ship cross stitch ornaments and gift in time for Christmas. (+1)

46 1/2 out of 111? Boo hiss fail. 42%. Okay, not that bad considering I was pregnant for like a whole year. I think 2010 is going to be much better. Pray for no more babies. Or job changes. Or drama. Let’s pray for a really boring year, shall we?

2 thoughts on “ChÜberlist: 2009–Big Ugly Review Part 2

  1. jenny79123

    Good update! you were a bit generous with the scoring though :)
    And thank you for confirming my understanding of Aldi’s. For a while there I thought maybe I was missing out on some deals.. but good to know the kirksville Aldi’s left the correct impression upon me.

    1. chukichi Post author

      whooooaaaaa I don’t think I generous with the scoring at all. In fact, I should add 10 points for my total awesomeocity. And also for the fact that I lived through it all and didn’t even kill anyone else.
      There’s a “nicer” Aldi’s that’s closer than the one I went to…but I’m still not going to go. I’ll stick to Wal-Mart and Kroger.

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