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Decade in Review, Part 1, 2000-2004


C’mon, everyone is doing it. What has happened in the past decade? DECADE. Ten years

-had a crush on a boy named James Weiner.
-had a cat named Boris
-was unemployed
-turned down a job at a porn store making $15/hr.
-took a job at Meritech Mortgage for $9/hr. I quit after 4 days.
-had pimp velvet furniture. Gold velvet furniture.
-almost moved to Ohio
-survived the first tornado that Fort Worth had in 100 years
-dated (and I use that term loosely) a few different people: keychain boy, a drug dealer that kept an AK-47 in the closet and a 9mm under the pillow and a guy who still stalks me to this day.
-the drug dealer was the least creepy of the aforementioned.
-kept a picture of President Grant in a locket.
-got hooked on General Hospital. Again.
-had a plant named Martin
-bought a kitchen table and 4 chairs for $166. I still use it today.
-quit my job, broke up with keychain boy. Both awesome decisions.
-thought $455 was a lot for a 500q ft apartment.
-was so lazy that I put a couch in front of my computer.
-tried to organize a slumber party for my 22nd birthday. Fail.
-April 24, 2001 I decided I hated Robert Brown because he was an arrogant jerk.
-By the 30th I had decided that I like him like him.
-He said he loved me by May 5.
-declared that I hate Diet Coke.
-Nine fucking eleven.
-moved to Georgia, got a job, got married. It was a big year.
-best friend came to visit and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean
-we didn’t go to the porn store
-Started seeing my first therapist. Quit.
-Had an earthquake.
-got a pet for Boris
-closed on our first house December 1
-started seeing my second therapist. Quit.
-sedation dentistry
-quit my job at Immucor Gamma
-started trying to become pregnant
-discovered anime

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