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Ta-daaah! The year is drawing to an end and I was still able to get a few things done. Those few things aren’t on my list so crap. One item on my list is done, however: #89 25% of underwear quilt done.

Not just 25%.

Not 99%

Totally done. Ciento por ciento. Booyah.

The back is from an old bedsheet that’s older than I am. I am happy that I had some brown binding because a) it works well with the patchwork and b) how 70’s is it to have brown and green and orange and FLOWERS!?!

front detail

even more front detail

The whole shebang. It looks wonky but it’s not.

For the record, I imagined that this would be much bigger than it is. I’ll use it as a lap quilt for watching TV and wrapping up the baby and stuff. I only had so much underwear to use, you know?

And I think it’s a little funny that my underwear will probably be used as a baby quilt. I have the trauma thing down. Also, the lighting is really weird because it’s late. And winter. And rainy. And my house is just dark. And I probably should have found a room with more light. So whatever, be glad I woke up and did something today. I was planning on cleaning but I already did that once.

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