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Christmas Schwag


I love stuff. I love stuff even more when it’s thought out or personal or funny or from you. You haven’t sent me anything lately come to think of it…

Anyway, my very sweet friend Veronica sent me a wonderful family gift this year that literally made me cry like a dork. THANKS A LOT. The resemblance is stunning and actually a little bit creepy:

The Brown Family!

Check out this close up of the scarf on me; what’s funny is that they didn’t know I had the real scarf the whole time!!!

Fake scarf

Real scarf!

That dorky, Red Heart acrylic scarf is the first scarf I made for myself and stands as the *only* scarf I made for myself. I intend to remedy that in 2010, but it’s been my one and only for about 8 years now. It’s cheap and old and weird and I love it and I love that it’s been immortalized by happy accident on my snowman. Yay!

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