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oh shit


It’s potty time and everyone is stressed out. Josh is doing great but stress in any form gives him night terrors and sleep walking. Fun. For. All. Also, in our main level half bath, I feel like I have to run a gauntlet just to pee. But we’re working on it and our school is the most awesome school ever. He *will* be fully day trained before the end of the year.

Everyone says to let your kid pick out the underwear and make it a big deal. We have a few potty books (Josh is a NERD and loves books–he takes them to bed instead of toys) but the one he loves the most is an Elmo book:


If you look closely, you can see the underwear in Elmo’s drawer:

Wocketships, Mama!

Elmo’s favorite underwear is the star ones he’s wearing but Josh’s favorite were the rocketships. Do you know how hard it is to find rocketship underwear? Well, it is. So I had to make Josh his own:



I made a couple rocketship ones, two stars and one bear one that matches some pajamas he has. He likes them, and that’s all that matters. FYI, I used Crayola fabric markers (pack of 10 for like, $5). They were the only thing (other than Sharpie) that I could get quickly and they served their purpose.

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