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Christmas Adventures, Volume 2


3.) LIGHTBOX! There are a ton of tutorials on how to make a cheap photo light box online so I found one and made it. It’s very ghetto:


Ghetto or not, the results are great! Here are some samples with Josh’s toys:




Right now, it’s set up in the kitchen on the deep freeze which is a surprisingly good place for it. I will eventually move it upstairs to the guest/craft/catch all room.

4.) ORNAMENTS! Okay, these ornaments were made as gifts. It started out as a set of 6, but I ran out of time so then there were 5. And then the Mr. actually wanted to keep one. And then there were 4. And then one of them revealed itself to be fubar so then there were 3 to give away. But they’re done and sent and I’ll post them anyway because no one reads this.

I secretly love the reins.


My favorite that we gave away.

Back detail

There is another Christmas gift that I can’t post yet! RAWR!!!!!

More updates to come!

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