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Christmas Adventures, Volume 1


I have been quite silent lately but of course it’s Christmas and I’ve lost my mind. I am still working on my scarf for the Red Scarf Project. Deadline is December 15 so I have a little bit of time if I cut out sleeping and bathroom breaks. No pics yet but I’m working it in the Sock Wars Rib of Doom using black Cascade 220. Yes, I know it’s not red. But any neutral color will work, thankyouverymuch.

In the mean time, I’ve gotten a few other things done:
1.) TREE! We got both trees up during Thanksgiving weekend and let me tell you, that was a feat. The big tree looks a bit bare because we didn’t leave the bottom foot and a half empty. Boris is too old to care and Josh is old enough to know better. Note to self: Get more ornaments.


2.) CHRISTMAS STOCKING! We have a newbie in our house so she needed a stocking. I made one of the felt/sequin/beaded stockings and it came out rather well. I added a lining because I want the stocking to actually be useful. I’m terrible at embroidery but I think this one came out not so horribly:


Embroidery Detail

Inside lining detail

More updates to come!

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