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ChÜberlist: 2009–October Update


Contrary to popular belief, I did not forget that I have a ChÜberlist for this year. It is in the back of my mind, right behind the baby, finances, my family, recovering from said baby, work, Heroes, Top Chef, Facebook, teh cat, shopping, pumpkins…well, you get the idea.

I cannot believe there are only 73 days left in the year. That is not enough days to do anything. Well, maybe a few more things. Here are the items that I am *SO* going to get done before the end of this year:

Make and freeze cookie dough.
Decorate house for Christmas during (or before) Thanksgiving weekend (both trees).
Make themed artwork for the kids’ bathroom (I already have the canvases, I just need to get cracking).
Back up all hard drives.
File all paid bills and documents.
Organize saved photos.
Update Josh’s photo albums.
Knit a sweater/sweater vest for Josh or Robin.
Knit one more pair of socks (for total of three socks this year).
Finish Robin’s Halloween blanket BY HALLOWEEN.
Finish cross stitch ornaments and gifts IN TIME TO SHIP FOR CHRISTMAS.
Knit a very pretty baby hat.
Complete a quilt for Josh before the end of the year (not necessarily for Christmas).

Now that is plenty of things to do in the next 73 days, no? I’m sure I’ll come up with more things to do. I’m a great procrastinator :)


red: done
purple: started

blue: deferred until 2010
green: added
strike: removed

  1. Take vitamins and calcium supplements daily.
  2. Invest in a Sonic Care toothbrush.
  3. Drink at least one glass of water when I wake up, at dinner and when I go to bed.
  4. Use a calendar to stay on a strict skin regiment. – I’m going to call this one done because the best I can afford right now is to wash my face every day with an actual face wash (as opposed to regular soap).
  5. Get my first tattoo before I turn 30.
  6. See endocrinologist by 04/01.
  7. Hire a babysitter twice a month.
  8. Schedule 5 hours into my week for uninterrupted “me time”.
  9. Keep hand lotion…handy.
  10. Schedule 30 minutes of real exercise into my morning before work. I think carrying a baby around all day is about all I can handle.
  11. Stop using the word douchebag as a descriptive object. Ex.: He is a total douchebag.
  12. Take a foreign language class.
  13. Eat more ginger.
  14. Learn more about natural antioxidants and incorporate 3 new foods into the family’s meal plan.
  15. Make and freeze cookie dough.
  16. Be brave and go to a dentist.
  17. Weigh 15 lbs less than my driver’s license weight.
  18. Get fitted for a bra and buy 7 new, properly fitted bras.
  19. Incorporate Tim Gunn’s Ten Essential Wardrobe Elements into my closet and actually wear them: basic black dress, trench coat, dress pants, classic shirt, jeans, skirt, any occasion top, day dress, jacket, sweatsuit alternative.
  20. Find a tailor and have three pieces of ill fitting clothes fitted.
  21. Get pregnant before the end of the year.
  22. Have gutters cleaned out on time.
  23. Decorate house for Christmas during Thanksgiving weekend (both trees) and take down decorations by New Year’s Day.
  24. Get an estimate for flooring replacement and stair railing replacement.
  25. Plant trees along property line.
  26. Spend 10 minutes a night doing a clean sweep. – I have been doing this, actually. The dishes get into the sink, sometimes, even into the dishwasher. Kitchen table is cleaned off…we actually eat at the kitchen table now. It’s creepy.
  27. Finish painting and decorating Josh’s bathroom.
  28. Repaint Josh’s bedroom and ceiling
  29. Make themed artwork for Josh’s bedroom.
  30. Repaint attic room.
  31. Remodel closet in attic room guest room for business storage.
  32. Buy two twin beds for attic room.
  33. Buy an actual dresser made of wood for my bedroom.
  34. Paint master bedroom and bath and ceilings.
  35. Install new ceiling fan in master bedroom.
  36. Have foyer and foyer ceiling painted.
  37. Dispose of rolled up carpet in garage.
  38. Have new garage door opener installed or find a 20 year old replacement remote.
  39. Install overhead storage racks in garage.
  40. Move electrical receptacles in laundry room to correct wall.
  41. Remove wire shelves from laundry room.
  42. Patch fake laundry chute opening in laundry room ceiling.
  43. Remove half wall in laundry room.
  44. Paint walls and ceiling in laundry room.
  45. Remove all plants from around deck.
  46. Start deck tear out.
  47. Add 100 recipes to my recipe binder.
  48. Convert all finances to QB.
  49. Reduce overall credit card debt by 10K.
  50. Compare and analyze 2007 vs. 2008 credit card spending by 01/31/09.
  51. Have a quarterly earnings review and pay quarterly estimated taxes ON TIME for new business.
  52. Save any real estate bonuses to pay 2008 tax bill due in October 2009.
  53. Keep up with regular car maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc).
  54. Keep a bag for trash in the car.
  55. Vacuum my car once a week.
  56. Upgrade to a new 10mp digital camera.
  57. Buy full Photoshop suite and learn photo editing.
  58. Supplement income with real estate photography.
  59. Work up a business plan for <I>choo bee crafty</I>.
  60. Keep all receipts and track all expenses (business and household).
  61. File bills once a month.
  62. Move computer back into downstairs office. – That’s where I am right now! Yay!
  63. Buy a laptop for bedroom.
  64. Move sewing table down to den to guest room.
  65. Start gift and card log for home and office.
  66. Introduce client tracking/follow up system for HRN/ACA/ADA.
  67. Keep a 9AM to 4 PM work schedule during off season.
  68. Donate $400 in cash donations to charity.
  69. Make better use of discount stores and clearance sales (Tuesday Morning/TJ Maxx/Marshalls, etc.) to shop for occasions in advance.
  70. Incorporate a better coupon tracking system.
  71. Cook at least three nights a week.
  72. Shop no more than three times per week and do not deviate from shopping list.
  73. Start shopping at Aldi’s.
  74. Plan meals so food doesn’t spoil/expire/get wasted.
  75. Plan and save for St. Louis vacation in May.
  76. Back up all hard drives.
  77. Organize saved photos.
  78. Update Josh’s photo albums.
  79. Finish scanning in old family photos.
  80. Finish christening blanket by 02/01.
  81. Learn continental knitting.
  82. Knit three pairs of socks. – two pair down, one to go!
  83. Knit a sweater of some sort (sweater vest okay). – cast on today for a vest for Josh!
  84. Knit a pirate themed item.
  85. Knit 6 more scarves to complete my week of scarves
  86. Learn how to knit mittens and gloves.
  87. 50% of folk shawl done.
  88. 50% Nicky Epstein afghan done.
  89. 25% of underwear quilt done.
  90. 25% of miter square blanket done.
  91. Knit Josh at least 3 hats.
  92. Incorporate fair isle into three projects..
  93. Track yarn stash by yardage, weight and fiber for quick reference.
  94. Deplete total yarn stash by 50% before buying any new yarn. Stash to be totaled after Christmas. Commissioned items do not count as stash.
  95. Design and knit anime dk beanie that I’ve been talking about for a hundred years.
  96. Finish cross stitch Christmas ornaments.
  97. Finish felted stockings.
  98. Build proper yarn storage.
  99. Make a circular knitting needle organizer.
  100. Start project list to know how much/what kind of yarn I need to buy.
  101. Use any yarn scraps to build up supply of knitted ornaments for sale.
  102. Knit a rug.
  103. Knit Halloween dishcloths for the kitchen.
  104. Make at least 2 baby blankets.
  105. Buy a new couch for the living room.
  106. Knit at least 2 baby hats.
  107. Have entire house reorganized for full house living by the end of August. – in progress. For those of you who know me, this is a big deal. Our office and den/library are both 75% functional and we now eat in the kitchen. The couches have been thrown out (furry and gross) and pretty soon the living room will be totally vacant and ready for a new couch if we can ever afford one. The foyer is actually empty and clean and so is the half bath. I can actually spend time downstairs now! Whee!
  108. Restart a non-online journal.
  109. Do not spend any Hatchlings shells from July 1 – August

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