this thing is still about things

Almost done.


Isn’t everything I’m doing almost done? I have 4,395 almost done projects. Here is another one:


Here is the final incarnation of the underwear quilt. It’s going to be a crib sized/lap quilt and I’m quite pleased with it. Since it got messed up before (on accident, supposedly) by someone who shall remain nameless (the Mr.), I decided to number the strips this time:


This helped…up until I sewed strip 11 to strip 15 because I can’t read my own writing. I’ve also put this aside for now because the final construction is going to be tedious and I tried ALL DAY TODAY to short cut it and do something easy and all I accomplished was getting really frustrated and yelling at the quilt.

There’s a serious problem when you start yelling at squares of your underwear. I’m just saying…

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