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A break!


Finally! So I decided to spend my time with you, dear computer. I love you. Let’s never fight again.

For the record, the name “Mokey” does not sound very scary. I have never been on the teeth end of a police dog, so maybe they could name them all “Fluffy” and “Bubblegum” and it wouldn’t matter.

It’s official: it was a turtle, and yeah, I was probably the one who killed it. Sorry, turtle.

What does the Box-Pad-Tube Company sell again? Bicycles?

And I’m really late posting this, but as if it wasn’t pretty enough on the outside:


It was also pretty on the inside:


Thanks Molly, for going above and beyond to make my REALLYSHITTYHORRIBLE birthday not so shitty or horrible. I got yarn, which is what I always ask for, because I’m a dork. I’ve been working on item #90 of the ChÜberlist: 2009: 25% of miter square blanket done. I am so NOT getting 25% of the miter square blanket done. I need 196 squares which equates to something like, 49 squares. I am going to be lucky if I make 10%. Actually, I’ll be lucky to still have use of my hands in another week or so thanks to pregancy swelling/pregnany induced carpel tunnel. I’m what you call fun.

Here are three squares blocking; I ran out of pins so the fourth square is just going to have to sit there and be jealous:


OMG KNITTING CONTENT! I know, weird, right? Also, since there are 6 pictures here, I’ve decided that this also qualifies for a Sunday Six.

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