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It’s official


I have decided on a tattoo. I can’t wait to have this baby and get it done. It’s the third one, the marigold representing Squad Three:


For those of you not in the know about Bleach, why are you even reading this? Here is the page translated by Maximum 7 explaining the meaning behind the marigold:


Read from right to left:
“The 3rd squad’s flower is the marigold. The meaning behind the flower is “despair”, and it is our creed. Fighting must not be heroic. Nor can it be exhilirating. Fighting is despair. It is dark. It is scary. It is sadness. People fear fighting, and so they choose a path to avoid it.”

It’s simple and graphic and I think a good and meaningful (for me) and appropriately nerdy first tattoo. When will it get done? Hopefully before my 31st birthday.

One thought on “It’s official

  1. Anonymous

    Sweet. I want a tattoo but don’t know what. I was kind of thinking my Claddagh necklace Mama gave me. But where would I get it?
    Oh! I could also get the marigold, then we could match!

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