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Sunday Six


All of these bloggy people do a Friday Five, and I thought that since I am a slacky blogger, I’d do a Sunday Six. Much like the title of my blog, there is not guarantee that I’ll do this every Sunday, or ever again. It may also turn into a Sunday One. Who knows.

1. Knitting: I am still knitting. Mostly working on the orange baby blanket and now this:

It’s the Mason-Dixon Knitting Mitered Square Blanket. I only need 84,752 more to cover my king sized bed.

2. Bleach: I am still addicted. I saw this the other day while searching for merch:

Um, for the nerdy record, that is NOT Ichimaru Gin, but Hitsugaya Toshiro. Thanks.

3. Stamps: I want:


4. Monkey: Again, I want:


5. Real estate: Seriously, people are making money with this shit:



Okay, “beauty’ful”? That bitch couldn’t get up for a minute to let the photographer do his job?

6. Thirty. In one week.

NOT growing older gracefully. Being quite a bitch about it, actually.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Six

  1. Anonymous

    lol awesome as usual. i love that 30 pic. And those quilt pieces look awesome, but ya w/ only 4 pieces its really more of a little throw blanket for a very tiny person.

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