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I am in one hell of a bad mood. Like, leave work early and scream and cry and cry some more. Like, sit at home and try to relax and get more and more agitated over nothing. Like, cry at Billy Joel songs.

I. hate. the. hormonal. side. effects. of. pregnancy.

Not even this tiny, ridiculous little sock I made can make me feel better:


Not if it were on a red panda. A red panda holding a million dollars for me.

Okay, that would cheer me up. But right now, fuck you, Billy Joel.

One thought on “pissy

  1. bazoo42

    But that ridiculous tiny sock is ADORABLE! You should be proud. I couldn’t make a sock if it came pre-made. Ok that made no sense. Anyway, just a few more months to go then you’ll have an itty bitty baby girl!

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