this thing is still about things

Hi, I’m working


But soon I will not be. I just had to update you on even more stupid real estate photos. I’m SOLD!

This home comes fully equipped with shitty above ground pool and a ghost in a one piece swimsuit.

This home has been upgraded with hot *AND* cold water faucets! It’s a hand washer’s dream!

This home is perfect for the bipedal mammal that loves wall to wall floors!

Look at all the square footage! Your buyer could easily fit *MULTIPLE* lamps in this room! (Lamp not included.)

This particular home features yet another upgraded water faucet for those of you looking for a spa experience! You can have hot and cold water literally at your fingertips!

Who says it’s hard to sell a house in this market??

Also, for no reason, here is my retarded koala from Hatchlings:

I can’t release him into the wild, he’ll forget to blink.

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