this thing is still about things

Lunch Break


I am bored. So here’s something that I haven’t done in forever:

Everything in my purse right now
thank you card w/ envelope
Kodak 5 mp EasyShare camera
4 Coke product caps for reward points
1 pair cotton socks
The Independent Newspaper
2 emery boards
reimbursement check for 73.41
Target receipt for 36.57
2009 calendar
KFC receipt 7.29
McDonalds receipt 4.43
carabiner key ring (front door, back door, car, work, padlock, car lock, 8 store cards)
The Stitchery receipt for 23.94
Bath & Body Works Velvet tuberose hand cream
Nausea Relief liquid CVS (Emetrol)
4 42 cent Virgin Mary Christmas stamps
3 unused syringes
1 used syringe
eye glasses
2 hair elastic
1 peg style puzzle piece (pentagon)
1 tablespoon
1 tongue depressor
Kroger receipt 71.67
travel pack of antibacterial hand wipes
2 maxi pads
demotivational card w/ envelope
Essure brochure
HOA invoice for $385
HSBC invoice 500.20
GMAC invoice 428.77
Chase Health invoice 404.76
$3 coupon Kroger
2 black ink pens
5 blue ink pens
1 blue sharpie

I am exciting and fantastic. Yay.

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