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I was cleaning out my guest room and found this in the closet. It’s old.


Did I mention it was old? I have had these longer than I’ve had the Mr. I know these are in the background of an old picture of my apartment in Texas. If I ever find the picture, of course I’ll share. Did I mention it was old?


I also fixed the bed issue in that room. Look at this awesome mattress topper I got! Only $45 and it comes with a cute kid reading a two-year old quilting magazine. What a steal!


In other news that is slightly less disgusting than 8 year old cereal is a new baby blanket I’m working on:


Yeah, it’s orange.

By the way, I took that picture on my bed; the quilt that’s on my bed was given to me by my family in Thailand, the capital of Dutch children quilts:

You can’t make this stuff up. Really

Until next time, America.

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